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*ADMISSION OPEN FROM PLAY GROUP TO CLASS V*, Office Address: IEM Public School, New Town, Street Number 279, DD Block New Town, West Bengal 700156 Dial Us Today- 0335299787, 8010700500.
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Following CBSE Curriculum

An initiative of IEM Group, Kolkata



CBSE, New Town

An initiative of IEM Group, Kolkata

Admission Criteria

ClassDate of Birth in Between(Start)Date of Birth in Between(End)AgeDate as on
Nursery4/1/20203/31/2021If the child is 3 +31st March 2024
LKG4/1/20193/31/2020If the child is 4 +31st March 2024
UKG4/1/20183/31/2019If the child is 5 +31st March 2024
Class I4/1/20173/31/2018If the child is 6+31st March 2024
Class II4/1/20163/31/2017If the child is 7 +31st March 2024
Class III4/1/20153/31/2016If the child is 8 +31st March 2024
Class IV4/1/20143/31/2015If the child is 9 +31st March 2024
Class V4/1/20133/31/2014If the child is 10 +31st March 2024
Class VI4/1/20123/31/2013If the child is 11 +31st March 2024
Class VII4/1/20113/31/2012If the child is 12 +31st March 2024
Class VIII4/1/20103/31/2011If the child is 13 +31st March 2024
Class IX4/1/20093/31/2010If the child is 14 +31st March 2024
Class X4/1/20083/31/2009If the child is 15 +31st March 2024
Class XI4/1/20073/31/2008If the child is 16+31st March 2024
Class XII4/1/20063/31/2007If the child is 17 +31st March 2024

Important Information

  • On the day of interview candidates should be accompanied by both parents. They should carry with them the Original Corporation Birth Certificate along with Hospital/Nursing Home Discharge Certificate, a Medical Fitness Certificate and Income Certificate of either of the parents.

  • Original Birth Certificate is to be shown for collection of forms.