Krishna Banerjee

About Me

“Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other profession “

I am Krishna Banerjee presently working in IEM Public School as a Hindi Teacher. I am very much passionate towards my language.” Hindi”  is my favourite subject, so I did all my education with Hindi .

Hindi is ranked third in the most spoken language in the world. It is the oldest language of the world. My objectives towards my subject is that to gather knowledge skill and attitudes. It help the students evaluate progress and encourage them to take responsibility for their learning .

As a teacher everyday I learn something from my student also .Language is a vital part of human connection. Language helps us to express our feelings and thought .This is unique to our species  because it is a way to express unique ideas and Customs within different cultures and societies.

I have completed three successful years with IEM PUBLIC SCHOOL . I have learnt so many things from this organisation. IEM management group taught us to improve our self discipline, improve the quality of our work, punctuality and in this situation we have learn computer part a lot. (Taking online classes through Google Meet ,fill up spreadsheet  also and do many works with the help of computer).  I would like to thanks my Director sir, Principal ma’am ,Co-ordinator ma’am and Headmistress ma’am to give us a good support  to do all the works.

I have received so many regional level awards in MUSIC  ,GAMES  and SPORTS . I did my Diploma in CLASSICAL (vocal music ) and just completed FRENCH BASIC COURSE .All this helped me a lot in my teaching profession.

Effective teachers provide high quality instruction to increase students achievement for all students by providing research base instruction field with technology integration. A teacher always support students and   one who need support when learning a new skill or piece of information.

He or She is a good mentor .A role of a teacher is to deliver classroom instruction that help students learn to accomplish this. Teacher must prepare effective lesson, grade students work and offer feedback manage classrooms material productivity ,navigate the curriculum and collaborate with other staff.

Though it is said that “Teachers are the backbone of society.”

I want to be a role model to children ,offer guidance and education and give young people the power of education ,because of us (TEACHERS)countries are able to further develop socially and economically.