Puja Deb Dasgupta

About Me

I am a very passionate person in what I do and I always stay focused about what I try to achieve. I am Puja Deb Dasgupta, class teacher of Upper Nursery. My biggest achievement is my little children speaking in English and learning everything with fun and happiness.

About My Certificates

I would feel happy to mention about my certificates that I received, are as follows:-
  • I have participated in a workshop entitled ‘Effective Teaching through joyful Learning and Ways of Dealing with Young Learners and Classroom Management” by the Asian College of Teachers in August’2017.
  • I have attended workshops on “Classroom Management” in June 2018 and “Teaching Techniques for Pre-Primary Teachers” organized by Macmillan India Ltd in August 2018.
  • I have also attended teachers’ training workshop on “Interactive Activity-Based Learning Tracks for Early Learners” organized by OXFORD PUBLISHING HOUSE.
  • I have successfully completed the NISHTHA course organized by NCERT and achieved 18 certificates in February 2021.
  • I have participated in Cyber Security Programme and got 5 certificates for the same. It was a part of the National Cyber Security Awareness organized by ISEA and programmed by the Ministry of Electronics Information Technology, Government of India in February 2021.
I am the class teacher of Upper Nursery. Being a TTC trained teacher, I organize various activities for my little children and they learn through fun and enjoyment. I teach them phonetic sounds of alphabets which help them to spell and make new words in future. In our school, we have many Montessori apparatus like Cylinder Blocks, Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, Long stairs, Sand paper letters, Number Rods, Spindle Box and Golden Beads and so on. Children feel so excited while doing activities with these apparatus. I do various crafts with my children too. I take Rhymes and Phonetics class, English Oral class, English Writing class and Number Work class in Upper Nursery. Apart from these, I take Storytelling class in class-1 and the Social Studies class in class-3. IEM Public school believes in the overall development of the children so that they can become confident citizens of tomorrow. School focuses on interactive classes and in-field experiences such as market visit for children for achieving practical experience and Park visit for refreshment. Being a part of IEM Public school, I feel proud and contented.